Monday, February 18, 2013

Vintage Star Wars Toys - Hoth

Of all the Star Wars landscapes Hoth was one of my favorites, maybe it’s because I’m from Minnesota? I remember my best friend and I used to go out after a snow storm and build the rebel base and reenact scenes from the movie. The best was one week we got about 3 feet of snow, my dad had just snow plowed and it made the perfect, sharp-edged wall. This enabled us to create rooms and corridors and the landing bay for all the ships. Of course the most fun was the imperial assault!

This is similar to the AT-AT or Imperial Walker I had as a kid and you'll see the Scout Walker as well. We used to have fun having Luke Skywalker crawl up the walker and throw a grenade in it!


When we couldn't play outside, the Imperial Attack base was one of my favorite toys. I loved the collapsible bridge.
In great condition with BOX!

May the Force be with you!

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