Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Empire Strikes Back Vintage Rebel Transport

When I saw the Rebel Transport was made into a toy, I instantly wanted it. I begged my mom but she said "no". I originally saw it at the Best catalog store. About a month later it was my birthday and about a week before I saw my mom come back from shopping. Sneaky me was able to see through one of the bags as she walked by and I saw the Rebel Transport, I thought "Woohoo". The only drawback was I had to wait a week to get it. I didn't play with this space craft as much as the Millennium Falcon but what was great about his ship is it doubled as a storage case for all of your action figures. Remember those little holes on the bottom of each figure's feet and all the play sets with the little pegs? These allowed your Star Wars people to stand up, good times!


The Rebel transport was seen a few times in the Hoth attack seen when the rebels were evacuating. It was also seen a few times in Return of the Jedi. Another thing I remember is it came with packs of air masks, backpacks and laser guns!


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